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Some legal mumbo jumbo about GDPR and all of that stuff. Interested?

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Your Information and GDPR:

Body Balance Physiotherapy collects information relating to patients’ health and personal details. This information is classed as sensitive data and termed as special category data. Under the General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR), patients of the Body Balance Physiotherapy have a right to know why their information is collected, for what purpose it is used and how it is kept safe. Patients also have greater rights to access the information that the Body Balance Physiotherapy holds.

Why is information collected?

For a detailed and accurate physiotherapy assessment and treatment to take place, information about a patient’s current and past health needs to be obtained. Under GDPR Body Balance Physiotherapy has a legitimate interest in the patients’ information and that is part of the contract between a health professional and their patient. This information allows
us to give patients the best treatment possible.

How is this information used?

Information such as addresses, allow us to post receipts and invoices and also to provide the treatment at your place of residence if so required. Your telephone number allow us to send text reminders of appointments and communicate with you outside of appointment times. E-mail addresses are used for sending you receipts and your individual online exercise programme when required through PhysioTec. Your date of birth is used as a unique identification for your records. Medical details allow for a detailed assessment to take place which will help us diagnose and treat the problems that you have. In some instances, with your consent, there will be communication with the referring GP or consultant.

Who has access to your information?

All staff of Body Balance Physiotherapy are bound by patient confidentiality laws, the standards of conduct, performance and ethics of CORU (Regulating Health & social care professionals) and the Irish Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (ICSP) code of conduct. Your information will not be shared outside Body Balance Physiotherapy unless you have given consent, except when;

  • requested by law
  • in your best interests and you are unable to give consent
  • in the public interest to prevent serious harm to others 

How is your information stored?

The initial information and consent form will be filled out by the patient on paper form. This will then be scanned and saved in patients’ unique and private file in electronic form, the paper form will be shredded. Similarly, x-ray or MRI reports and GP/Consultant letters etc. will be scanned and saved on your file and paper copy will be shredded or returned to you if so requested. Assessment and treatments notes will be recorded electronically in your file and updated at each treatment session.
This information will be stored on the company laptop which is password protected with robust security measures to prevent loss of information. Only the physiotherapists working at Body Balance Physiotherapy have on-site access to patient files. All notes will be kept for a period of 7 years after the last treatment or date of death at which point they will be permanently deleted.
How can you access your records?

You have the right to request to see the information that Body Balance Physiotherapy holds about you. All requests will be answered in the time frame of one month unless you are notified of a difference to this time scale. There will be no fee for information provided.

Requests can be made either verbally or in writing to:

Body Balance Physiotherapy, The Retreat Spa and Health center, Radisson Blu hotel,
Ditchley House, Little Island, Cork
Tel: 0858669161 or

In the instance where requests are excessive or unfounded, Body Balance Physiotherapy has the right to refuse and/or charge for time spent. This does not affect the individual’s right to complain to the data protection commissioner to seek judicial remedy. Where a fee is deemed appropriate Body Balance Physiotherapy will not comply with any requests until the
fee is received.

Your right to amend, restrict and object to the information held.

Under the GDPR all individuals have the right to have incorrect information that is held about them amended. If this was to arise within the notes held by Body Balance Physiotherapy the notes would become restricted, i.e not used until the issue was resolved. However, if Body Balance Physiotherapy deems the information to be accurate then no amendment will be made.

You have the right to have the information we hold restricted;

  • if you contest the accuracy
  • you need the information to establish, defend or exercise a legal claim
  • you object to the information held.

In this instance all treatment will be stopped until the issue is resolved. You also have the right to object to Body Balance Physiotherapy holding your personal information on grounds relating to your particular situation and as with restriction, all treatments will stop and the notes will become restricted until the issue is resolved.


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